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This week, the engineering survey group at the Public Works Department showcased the capabilities of the Wingtra One UAV (drone), using technology that revolutionizes how large-scale surveys are conducted.

Hovering above the Public Works Campus, the Wingtra One performed an aerial topographic survey, capturing precise Orthomosaic photos and creating a 3D model of the terrain. The drone covered roughly 30 acres in just 10 minutes, with a ground sampling distance as small as 0.4 inches — revealing details as small as half an inch.

The survey group anticipated saving over a week's work and staff time compared to traditional survey methods. This advancement creates efficiency and accuracy in designing a new drainage plan for the campus.

The Wingtra One's flight over the Public Works Campus marked a leap forward in greater precision and resource optimization for the department and the community.

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Wingtra One drone flies over the public works campus