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The Mesa County Treasurer's Office sent out 2024 property tax bills, and you can expect your statement in the mail as soon as today, Feb. 20, 2024. Property tax bills are also accessible on Mesa County's website.

Property tax statements are arriving in the mail later than in past years due to the Colorado Legislature's recent legislative changes aimed at providing property tax relief. Taxpayers should note that The Colorado Legislature's recent legislative changes did not change property tax due dates.  

You have the flexibility to pay your property taxes in one full installment by April 30 or in two installments, with the first half due Feb. 29 and the second half due June 15. If you have your mortgage payments escrowed, this statement is just for your information. 

In light of the late notice, Mesa County will not charge late interest on first-half payments as long as the payments are received by March 8.

Click here to access your bill online, pay your taxes, obtain your property tax history and receipts for payments, and view and print your current year tax statement. 

The Mesa County Treasurer's Office appreciates the community's understanding and cooperation during these changes.

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