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The Colorado Legislature's recent legislative changes, aimed at providing property tax relief, have delayed the certification of Mesa County's tax rolls. This adjustment sets a new deadline of Jan. 24, 2024, for the certification process to give tax authorities adequate time to certify their mill levies and allow County Assessors time to collect the necessary data, ensuring a thorough and accurate tax roll certification.

"Taxpayers should note that while the tax roll certification deadline has been extended to January 24, the first-half payment due date remains unchanged on February 29, 2024," said Mesa County Treasurer Sheila Reiner. "The decision by the Colorado Legislature to maintain the existing payment deadline is to ensure that essential services provided by special districts, including fire departments, school districts, health districts, hospitals, and other public entities, continue to receive the necessary funding without interruption."

Property owners will receive their tax statements upon completing the tax roll process. Starting around Feb. 1, 2024, tax information will be accessible online at the Mesa County Treasurer's Website. Mailed tax notices will be delivered approximately two weeks after the tax roll certification.

"Property owners whose mortgage arrangements do not cover taxes through escrow funds can pay in two installments, due on February 29 and June 15, or a single payment by April 30," added Treasurer Reiner.

The Mesa County Treasurer's Office is committed to providing efficient and transparent services to residents and appreciates the community's understanding and cooperation during these changes.

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Sheila Reiner, Mesa County Treasurer, smiles for a headshot in front of the American flag.