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Whitewater, CO 81527

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Department 5087
P.O. Box 20,000
Grand Junction, CO 81502-5001

(970) 255-7121

Noxious Weed Law

  • Mesa County Noxious Weed and Pest Management is responsible for noxious weed management in the unincorporated areas of the county as mandated by the Colorado Noxious Weed Act and outlined in the Mesa County Noxious Weed Plan.
  • The Colorado Noxious Weed Act states that noxious weed management is the responsibility of local governing agencies,incorporated municipalities, counties, lands owned by state agencies, and any landowner with vegetation on their property.

  • The Act stipulates that the board of county commissioners of each county in the state shall adopt a noxious weed management plan for all the unincorporated lands within the county. In April of 2020 the Mesa County Board of County Commisionners approved the Mesa County Noxious Weed Plan
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