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The mission of CWMA is to provide education, regulatory direction, professional improvement, and environmental awareness to preserve and protect our natural resources from the degrading impacts of invasive species (terrestrial and aquatic vegetation) in Colorado and surrounding states.

CWMA Website

  • Pesticide Labels and MSDS Sheets

Labels are the law, and contain useful information on active ingredients, manufacturer, areas where the herbicide can be applied or not applied, use rate, timing, mixing requirements, required personal protective equipment, safety, storage requirements, and weeds controlled. Labels should be read at the store before purchasing, before use, during use (have on site), and after use. MSDS sheets are Material Safety Data Sheets, and include information on safe use and storage, as well as first aid.

CDMS Label Database website

  • Weeds of the West

Available through Amazon on-line, and at the CSU Tri-River Area Mesa County location by the Fairgrounds at 2775 Hwy 50 on Orchard Mesa.

Weeds of the West Book

Mesa County Landowner Assistance

Provides information to landowners in Mesa County where assistance, and what type of assistance, is available for weed identification and control, as well as other small acreage management questions.

Noxious Weed Management Pocket Guide 

This guide, produced locally in Mesa County, allows the user to identify weeds through pictures, and recommends control measures (mechanical, biological, cultural and chemical) and herbicides.

In 1914 Congress authorized Extension in each state. The purpose of the Extension system is to provide a link between university research and the citizens of each state. While research is conducted at the university level, information and expertise are provided by our country's extension specialists to help you solve problems and improve your quality of life.

Tri-River Extension (970) 244-1834
Entomologist/ Agronomist – Bob Hammon

Small Acreage Management

Master Gardener Help Desk (Mesa County) (970) 244-1836

Assistance for Agricultural Land Owners