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Planning Commission

The Planning Commission is responsible for:

  • Adopting the Master Plan and Master Plan Amendments.
  • Reviewing and making a recommendation to the Board of County Commissioners regarding Land Development Code Amendments, Major Subdivisions, Planned Unit Developments, Conditional Use Permits, and Rezones.
  • Applications will be accepted until all vacancies are filled.

The Planning Commission is governed by the Mesa County Planning Commission Bylaws

Members of the Planning Commission:

Dean Harris, Chair Term expires: February 2023
Steve Damm, Vice Chair Term expires: February 2024
Lawrence (Larry) Anna  Term expires: February 2025
William (Chip) Page Term expires: February 2023
Edward (Ed) Krey  Term expires: February 2023
Dennis Clark    
Term expires: February 2023
Clifton Anson,   Term expires: February 2024
Kent Slawson, 1st Alternate
Term expires: February 2024
Greg Haitz, 2nd Alternate
Term expires: February 2025
Erika Satie, 3rd Alternate Term expires: February 2025

Clerk to the Planning Commission: Rose Tafoya, email:   
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Get involved in your community!

The Board of County Commissioners is seeking volunteers to serve on the Planning Commission. Visit our Volunteer Opportunities page to find the right job for you.