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Electronic Application System

How to apply online

Mesa County accepts and reviews electronic land development applications using the internet utilizing OnBase Plan Review.

Using OnBase Plan Review, the applicant is able to:

  • submit an application on line 
  • view the progress of the application in real time - any time of the day or night - using the internet. 
  • communicate with the staff planner and the review agencies during the process

Thinking about applying for a land development permit? If you are, the process below will guide you through the steps to do so.

    OnBase Plan Review  



The Land Development Code requires a pre-application meeting for some types of applications. The meeting will be held with a staff planner who will talk with you about your request. The staff planner will provide you with information about County policies and regulations which pertain to your project and assist you with an appropriate application form.

Application types that require a pre-application meeting

If you are unsure about the type of application you would apply for or are just looking for preliminary information about a property, you can e-mail staff at or call the Community Development Department at (970) 244-1636.

If a pre-application meeting is required, log in to the OnBase Plan Review to send the Planning Division a request for a meeting date and time. 


  • Administrative Adjustment
  • Agricultural Division
  • Concept Plan
  • Conditional Use Permit
  • Extinguishment of Utility Easement
  • Final Plan
  • Land Development Code Amendment
  • Legal and Physical Separation
  • Map Amendment
  • Site Plan
  • Minor Subdivision
  • Major Subdivision
  • Physical & Legal Separation
  • Property Line Adjustment
  • Rezone
  • Rural Land Division
  • Vacation of Right-of-way 
  • Variance


Most applications require an Preliminary Access Location (PAL). The purpose of the PAL is to ensure that there is safe and legal access to a property and that it will be capable of supporting the new or expanded use.

In order to submit a PAL application, you will need to log in to your On Base account. In your application, please include:

  • a map showing the proposed access location,
  • a signed application form,
  • a short narrative describing the proposed use of the property, and
  • any other information requested by the NOI Coordinator. 

If you have any questions about the process, you can contact Daniel Sundstrom at (970) 255-5051 or email him at


You have 6 months from the date of the pre-application meeting to submit an application to the Mesa County Planning Division. If you need additional time, please contact the planner who assisted you in the pre-application meeting. The planner will check to see if regulations have changed or if new information is available before considering an extension of time to apply.

You can access your OnBase Review account to view your pre-application record for notes or instructions and to retrieve any files that are necessary to submit with your application (e.g. maps and forms).

Once you have submitted your application, County staff has up to 10 calendar days to determine whether or not it is complete. If it is not complete, you will be notified by e-mail that additional or revised documentation is needed. The e-mail will provide you a link to the OnBase Review Portal so you can log in and see specific comments and messages and submit additional information. Please respond as soon as possible to requests for information so the review process can proceed as quickly as possible.

The Board of County Commissioners has suspended application fees for the year 2012 with an exception for filing appeals of administrative decisions. An application for an appeal is $250.00

Most applications require the review of service providers, utilities, and County agencies. Sometimes State or Federal agencies must be notified when the application is within their jurisdiction.

The Planning Division will notify the review agencies who will then have a limited time to log in to the web site to view the application documents. Once they have opened the application, they have the ability to annotate the documents in a “markup layer” and can enter “notes” within the review comment timeframe. These markups and notes are interactive between all parties during this part of the process.

  • Applicant: sign in to your OnBase Plan Review account

  • Review Agencies: sign in to your Web Center account.

Plan Review- Reviewer Training

Accessing Mesa County's OnBase VDI Pool System for Plan Review

The applicant will receive feedback via OnBase Plan Review that must be responded to for the application review to proceed. The feeback may include tasks such as submitting a revised document or entering notes in response to questions or comments made by either the review agencies or by the planner as examples.

Applicants are encouraged to call or e-mail the staff planner if they need to step out of the process at any time for more conversation or to set up a meeting (List of Planning Division Staff).

Applicant: sign in to your OnBase Plan Review account


After the application has been processed in accordance with the Land Development Code, a decision can be made. Generally, an application may be approved, approved with conditions or denied. When you are notified by e-mail that a decision has been made, please log in to your OnBase Plan Review account to review notes, tasks and new files that have been added. Most application approvals will require some minor follow up on the part of the Applicant to finalize the application such as signatures on documents, recording paper work, etc.

The Principal Planner makes the decision on Administrative applications. The Applicant or any party with standing to appeal (including citizens who have submitted written comments) has 30 calendar days from the date of the decision to appeal to the Board of County Commissioners. That Appeal application will be submitted on line in OnBase Plan Review.  The Appeal hearing must be scheduled within 30 days of the Appeal submittal. The Board of County Commissioners will make a decision considering all information submitted with the application and with the appeal.

Some application types have appeals boards separate from the Board of County Commissioners. The Preliminary Access Permit is appealed to the Access Board of Appeals. This type of appeal will also be submitted online in OnBase Plan Review.

Decisions are made by the Board of County Commissioners in public hearings. A Board decision is appealed to the District Court and must be filed with the courts per Statute within 28 calendar days from the Board decision made on the date of the public hearing.