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Page Updated on January 9, 2019

Mesa County, in an effort to expedite the bidding process, will be using the web page as a method of getting all pertinent information out on Transportation Capital Projects.  All necessary documents including bids sets, specifications, addendum and any additional information will be placed on the web page.  These documents will be under the specific project name.  It shall be the responsibility of all firms and contractors to check the web page and download the appropriate documents including all addendums.  No notice will be sent informing contractors and firms that there is new information or addendums.  This is the responsibility of the individual firms and/or contractors.  Any questions or problems with the web page should be directed to Pam Hawkins at 970-244-1765.


Contact Information:

Please contact Carrie Gudorf for questions regarding this project.

Phone:  (970) 244-1811 or 


All questions shall be in writing and received 7 days prior to bid opening.

The Public Works Department of Mesa County is requesting Statements of Qualifications from Contractors interested in performing the necessary tasks to repair and maintain stormwater BMP’s for construction projects that are in final stabilization on an on call, as needed basis for Mesa County.

 SCOPE:  Mesa County is seeking a contractor to maintain and repair stormwater BMPs for completed and stabilized construction sites on-an as needed basis. Mesa County CIP projects, may require a contractor to periodically maintain to following stormwater BMP’s, this list includes but is not limited to: reseeding using different methods including hydroseeding, crimp straw mulch and broadcast seeding, maintaining inlet and outlet stormwater quality BMP’s,  repairing erosion control logs and erosion control blankets.  The selected contractor will be required to have knowledge of how to properly install and maintain stormwater BMPs, the contractor will be required to work independently, the contractor will be required to complete the work in a time efficient manner, and communicate with Mesa County staff.

Information packets will be available on Monday, January 14, 2019.

Proposals Due: Thursday, January 31, 2019 at 5:00 P.M.