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Japanese Beetles have been discovered breeding in Appleton area.

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What to Learn More About Our Community Halls Project?

Community Halls build strong, safe and inclusive communities; social interaction, volunteerism, and civic pride while promoting

  • Serving the entire county
  • Supporting local economy
  • Safety
  • Community Space
  • Property Values

A Mesa County Community Hall hosts all kinds of events and is the hub for outdoor activities such as a playground, concerts, and celebrations.

  • Public Meetings
  • Children/Youth/Adult Sports
  • Art Classes
  • Weddings and Celebrations
  • Exercise Classes
  • Cooking Events
  • Community Garden
  • Job Fairs
  • Community Library
  • Health Clinics
  • Job Fairs
  • Hobby Gatherings
  • Performances
  • Children/Youth/Adult Learning Classes
  • 4-H


  • Provide an efficient and effectively managed network of community halls across the County
  • Provides venues for people to meet and participate in the life of their communities and neighborhoods.


  • Connect and empower residents.
  • Community halls will meet the foreseeable recreation, cultural, social and sporting needs of the community.
  • County-owned facilities are only part of a network of community halls and meeting facilities available to the community.
  • Ensure that there is a geographical spread of halls and community halls throughout the County.
  • Size and range of hall facilities offer sufficient variety to ensure a range of uses.


  • Provide a guide to decision-making on hall or community halls proposals and facility divestment.
  • Inform the community about the County’s approach to the Community Halls Project.
  • Engage the community and receive feedback and input.

General Criteria

When deciding where a hall could be built, redeveloped, or divested, the County will consider

  • Geographical spread of available community halls for community use
  • Opportunities for community partnerships
  • Financial viability

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

  • Loma / Mack Center
  • Whitewater Center