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Elected officials in your county government

Mesa County elected officials from left to right: Clerk and Recorder Bobbie Gross, Surveyor Scott Thompson, Treasurer and Public Trustee Sheila Reiner, Commissioner Cody Davis, Coroner Dean Havlik, Commissioner Bobbie Daniel, Commissioner Janet Rowland, Sheriff Todd Rowell, District Attorney Dan Rubinstein, Assessor Brent Goff.


Mesa County government has been around since 1883.

  • Providing our people with the services they need.
  • Professional service delivery they deserve.


County Administration


Serve as the legislative and policy-setting body for the county government. While each Commissioner represents a specific district, they are all elected by the entire county. 

Website Information

Commissioner biographies and board appointments, public hearing  information (agendas, minutes, meeting video), weekly schedule, request a meeting, and Volunteer Opportunities.

Commissioner Website


In charge of carrying out policies set by the Commissioners. Recommends management practices, supervises departments.  Coordinate and maintain relations with other branches of government and agencies.

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Strategic Plan, Inside Mesa County class, and Newsroom for Mesa County.

Administration Website


Elected Officials


Ready and dedicated to provide you with equitable, accurate values and excellent public service. 

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Agricultural land, business personal property, exemptions, reports, research property sales, taxpayer remedies.

Assessor Website

Clerk and Recorder

Responsible for the functions of Motor Vehicle, Recording, Elections, Liquor and Marijuana licensing and Clerk to the Board of County Commissioners.

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Links to the departments that report to the Clerk and Recorder.

Clerk and Recorder Website


Charged with investigating certain categories of deaths, not all deaths in the county fall under our jurisdiction.

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Annual Reports, Information about our Office, Historical Press Releases.

Coroner Website



District Attorney

21st Judicial District Attorney's Office is dedicated to the pursuit of justice, the protection of victims and the prevention of crime.

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Crime Victim Compensation Program, Investigations Unit, Juvenile Programs, Law Enforcement Information, News Stories, Requesting Criminal Records, Subpoena Call Off List, Victim Services Unit.

District Attorney Website


Responsible for public safety, we respond to 911 calls, conduct criminal investigations, operate the county detention facility, and security at the Justice Center.

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Emergency management, Victim Services, Professional Standards / Training, Civil Process, Sex Offender Registration, Background Checks, Blotter Reports, Bonds and Release Processing, Civil Standby Request, Concealed Handgun Permit, Evictions, Fingerprints, Protection Orders, Victim Services, Volunteer Programs.

Sheriff's Website


Settles and resolves any boundary disputes,  reviews subdivisions and survey plats, maintain an index of all surveys, field notes, and calculations pertaining to the surveys. 

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Subdivision Plats, Deposit Surveys, Road Rights-of-way, Road Vacations, County Monuments (Number and Location), State Land Corner Monument Records, Road Records (Microfiche), BLM Township Plats, GIS and Parcel Maps, Boundary Description Information, Historic Surveys, Flood Plain Maps, Railroad Rights-of-way Maps.

Surveyor Website




Treasurer's Office main function is to distribute property tax statements each year, collect property taxes, and disburse those funds to the local jurisdictions that provide our community the infrastructure we enjoy. 

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Manufactured Homes, Use Tax Program, Pay Property Taxes, Property Tax Deferral Program, Purging a Manufactured Home Title, Reports, Senior and Veteran Tax Exemption, Tax Sale Information, Tax Sale Publications, Treasurer’s Deed, Treasurer’s Fees, and Unclaimed Property.

Treasurer Website

Public Trustee

Processes releases of deeds of trusts and foreclosures. Operations of our office is not funded by county tax dollars or state tax dollars. Instead, the costs are funded by statutorily-defined fees paid by banks for specific services provided. 

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Foreclosures, and Release of Deed of Trust.

Public Trustee Website