I-70 Interchange

I-70 Interchange Access Request & Environmental Clearance

Mesa County, in partnership with the City of Grand Junction, launched project work in late 2021 to advance momentum and decision-making for a new interchange on I-70 to improve access between Horizon Drive and I-70B. This new project builds on the 29 Road Interchange at I-70 Planning and Environmental Linkages (PEL) Study completed in 2020.

Key elements of the project include:

  • Implement public and stakeholder outreach activities throughout the study process to inform project outcomes
  • Using the latest traffic forecasting model and other data, conduct additional traffic, safety, and operational analysis of potential interchange alternatives based on outcomes from the 2020 PEL Study
  • Finalize alternatives evaluation to identify a preferred alternative for interchange location, based upon Federal Highway Administration request
  • Initiate Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) Interchange Approval Process (Policy Directive 1601) and complete the System Level Study (SLS), which includes:
    • Traffic data collection and forecasting
    • Operational and safety analyses
    • Funding plan development
    • Transportation demand management plan
    • Interchange management plan
  • Submit Policy Directive 1601 and SLS to CDOT for Transportation Commission Review & Approval
  • Update Grand Valley Regional Transportation Plan and Transpiration Improvement Plan to include the preferred alternative
  • Initiate work to gain environmental clearance (i.e., National Environmental Policy Act)
  • Finalize Intergovernmental Agreement with partner agencies (Mesa County, City of Grand Junction, CDOT, etc.)
  • Request interstate access from the Federal Highway Administration

Upon successful completion of these key tasks, partner agencies will be positioned to secure funding for ultimate construction of the new interchange on I-70 between Horizon Drive and I-70B.

Public outreach events and activities for the community to review the alternatives and findings from this work effort is anticipated to launch in late Summer 2022. Please check back for new information about the project.

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To learn more about the project, contact:

Kevin King, Mesa County Project Manager

Alex Pulley, Consultant Project Manager (Felsburg Holt & Ullevig)