Property Tax

Property Tax is based on the value of any taxable real and personal property that a person owns within Mesa County. The tax a person owes is based on the following formula:

Value of the Property x Assessment Rate x Mill Levy = Property Tax Owed

The assessment rate on residential properties in Colorado is estimated at 7.96% (use .0796 in the above equation). The assessment rate on non-residential properties is fixed by law at 29% (use .29 in the above equation).

The mill levy is the “tax rate” set each year by each taxing authority (such as school districts; municipalities; fire, water, library and sanitation districts; etc.). One mill equals 1/1000 of a dollar (.001 in the equation above).  

See Assessor Reports for a Mill Levies by District within Mesa County. 

$100,000 (property value) x .0796 (residential rate) x .088 (mill levy of 88 mills) = $700.48 (tax owed)

In Mesa County, legal restrictions cause the Mill Levy to decrease as Assessed Valuation increases. This limits the growth of local Property Tax.

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