Sales Tax

Mesa County’s sales tax rate (for areas outside of our cities and towns) is 2%. That means two cents per $1.00 in retail sales is collected as a county tax. This tax was approved by local voters in 1981. Specifically, voters designated where this money should be spent. Here’s a breakdown of how that two cents is allocated:

  • One cent is dedicated to capital and infrastructure improvements.
  • .55 cents is distributed to the cities and towns within the county.
  • .45 cents is dedicated to the county’s general fund.

*On January 1, 2018 the new Mesa County Public Safety Tax of 0.37% went  into effect. *This tax was approved by local voters in November 2017. This  tax is for all sales occurring in Mesa County.

In addition to the 2% county tax and the 0.37% public safety tax, the State of Colorado also has a 2.9% sales tax. Thus, unincorporated areas of Mesa County have a combined sales tax rate of 5.27%.

The cities and towns in Mesa County each have their own municipal sales tax, which is added on top of the 2% county tax and the 0.37% public safety tax:


Sales Tax

Sales Tax


State Sales

(paid on purchases
within this municipality)
Outside Municipalities  0  2%  .37%  2.9% 5.27%
Grand Junction  3.25%  2%  .37% 2.9%  8.52% 
Fruita  3%  2%  .37% 2.9%  8.27% 
Palisade  2%  2%  .37% 2.9%  7.27% 
Collbran  2%  2%  .37% 2.9%  7.27% 
DeBeque  2%  2%  .37% 2.9%  7.27% 

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