Landfill History

When thinking about garbage and its ultimate destination, most people think of a “dump”. Traditional open dumps are quite rare today. Instead, trash is deposited in sanitary landfills. The Mesa County Landfill has been through many changes since it first operated as an open dump. The landfill is now a modern and efficient means for Mesa County residents and businesses to dispose of their garbage in a safe environment.

Prior to 1983, the Mesa County Road Department was in charge of an open dump now known as the "Old County Landfill". The “Old County Landfill" is adjacent to the current Mesa County Landfill to the west. During this time, there were other open dumps in the county located in Grand Junction, Fruita, Clifton, Molina, and DeBeque. These dumps, unlike the landfills of today, were not planned or engineered. The open dumps in the county were only semi-attended with no fees or regulations pertaining to their operation. Minimal records and historical information is available on the operation of the county dumps.

As a result of ever increasing federal and state regulatory compliance requirements, Mesa County signed a contract with Waste Management of Colorado to perform all landfill operating activities in 1983. In 1986, a new operating contract was signed with BFI. Open dumps throughout the county were closed and replaced with transfer stations.

Landfill Fence Photo

The landfill property was originally owned by the Bureau of Land Management and leased to Mesa County. Mesa County acquired this land in 1994 and shortly after signed a contract for operations with Herzog Environmental, Inc. In January 2013, Green Group Holdings, LLC aquired the landfill division of Herzrog Environmental, Inc. January 2016, Mesa County Solid Waste took over operations of the Landfill, all four transfer stations and Composting Facility.