Wood Mulch

Wood mulch has a variety of useful applications.

Moisture Retention

Spread the mulch at the base of trees, shrubs, vines and/or flowers to a depth of three to four inches. Used in this manner, the mulch will help retain soil moisture, moderate soil temperature fluctuations and suppress weed growth.

Erosion Control

Spread mulch product across the area subject to wind and water erosion to a minimum depth of two inches. Build berms of mulch in drainage ways to slow water flow and minimize erosion.

Pathway Construction

Wood mulch is a great product when used to build path or travel ways subject to getting muddy. Spread a layer of wood mulch across the area to a depth of three inches. Apply more mulch over time as the material gets worn into the soil. When you are ready to do something else in the area, you don't have the head ache of removing concrete to gravel.