Business Program

Business Hazardous Waste Collection Program

Business Hazardous Waste Collection Program

      VerySmall Quantity Generators (VSQG) Forms:

The Mesa County Hazardous Waste Collection Facility (HWCF) provides a safe and affordable disposal and recycling options for businesses which are Very Small Quantity Generators (VSQG) within Mesa County. The program is fee based and will require each business/VSQG to register with the Mesa County HWCF.

Services provided through the business program includes:

  • Waste characterization support - site visit
  • Disposal/recycle options and referral
  • Information resource

What is a VSQG?

VSQGs are defined by federal and state waste disposal regulations. ALL businesses must meet the following requirements to utilize the VSQG waste collection program:

A generator is a VSQG if:

    • Generates no more than 100 Kilograms of hazardous waste in that month (100 kg = 220 pounds or ~25 gallons) in a month
    • Generates no more than 1 Kilogram of an acute hazardous waste in that month
    • Never accumulates more than 1000 kg, 2,200 pounds, or 220 gallons of hazardous waste on-site at one time
    • Never accumulates more acute hazardous waste than 1 kg or 2.2 pounds on-site at one time

Does My Business Qualify for the Program?

The Mesa County Hazardous Waste Collection Program considers any person who attempts to derive a profit through its operations or activities and generates hazardous waste a business.

Examples of businesses/VSQG generators include, but are not limited to:

    • All non-residential businesses, including those utilized by non-profit organizations.
    • Rental properties.
    • Hobbyists who sell their articles.
    • Auto shops.
    • Painters and electricians.
    • Greenhouses.
    • Maintenance departments.
    • Farms and ranches.
    • Veterinaries.
    • Dentists and Medical clinics.
    • Dry Cleaners