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Uncovered trash loads contribute to litter and safety issues along the roads of the Grand Valley. Per Mesa County Solid Waste policy all vehicles traveling to the Mesa County Landfill or related transfer stations must be covered and secured.

When driving to the landfill or transfer stations, all wastes regardless of type, size or weight must be completely covered and secured to your vehicle/trailer or FEES WILL BE DOUBLED.

An appropriate cover includes but is not limited to:

  • A tarp, cargo (spider) net, canvas cover, blanket, plastic, carpet, plywood, or other material, which entirely covers the load and is securely tied to the vehicle.

Uncovered loads include:

  • Loads containing loose bags, furniture, garbage cans without lids, or other debris that has the potential to create a road hazard or unsightly litter.
  • Tires or other bulky items secured by only straps. 
  • Tarps that are shredded or are no longer able to adequately cover load. 
  • Tarps that are tied so loosely as to allow material to fall or blow out. 
  • Loads that have been covered on or near MCSWM property. 

For more information concerning uncovered trash loads please call 970-241-6846.