In partnership with EverGreen ZeroWaste, Mesa County Solid Waste Management presents a comprehensive, web and app-based recycling guide for Mesa County residents. Simply click Zero Waste Guide and you will be redirected to the recycle guide where you can enter the item you are looking to dispose of and you will be given a list of ideas and resources to keep that material out of the landfill. The guide can also be downloaded to your Apple or Google Play device. Download the Love Zero Waste app today!


To limit overtime costs, ALL customers must be unloaded/loaded by our closing time.

Mattress Recycling begins July, 2021 with Spring Back Colorado.

Learn about what happens to your mattress after you leave it with us at the landfill!

See Mesa County landfill to start recycling mattresses at The Daily Sentinel.

Recycling Center

Physical Address

  • 3071 US Highway 50
  • Grand Junction, CO


  • Monday - Friday 7:00am-4:45pm
  • Saturday 8:00am-4:15pm
Recycling Bins 


Commingled Bin



Rigid Plastics #1 -#7 Plastic Wrap/ Plastic Bags
Glass Food  Containers Oil/ Pesticide Containers
Tin/ Steel Food Cans Frozen Food Containers
Aluminum Cans Aluminum Foil/ Pie Tins
  Drinking Glasses/ Pyrex/ Ceramics/Window Pane Glass
  Dinnerware- plastic or metal

Please rinse all containers and remove all plastic bags

Cardboard Bin



Corrugated Cardboard Beer/ Soda Carriers
Brown Paper Bags Frozen Food Containers
Paper Towel/ Toilet Paper Rolls Food/ Grease Stained Materials
Cereal/ Food Boxes Wet Materials
Paperboard Egg Cartons Styrofoam Egg Cartons
Shoe Boxes  

Please break down all boxes

Mixed Paper Bin



Office Paper- White and Pastels Craft/ Tissue Paper
Opened Junk Mail Paper Plates, Towels, Toilet Paper
Magazines Carbon Paper
Phone Books Fluorescent Paper
Manila Folders Wax Paper
Newspaper Food/ Grease Stained Materials
Envelopes Wet Materials

Please remove all plastic bags.  No need to remove tape or staples.