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Request for Voter List and Maps

Please fill out a Voter Registration and Election Report Request Form and return to the Mesa County Elections Office with payment.

Voter Reg and Election Report Request Form

  • Voter reports will only have Mesa County voter information.
  • Public voter lists do not include voters who are protected as confidential in accordance with Colorado Law (CRS 24-72-204).
  • Only complete requests will be processed.


Voter Turnout Reports

  • Our files are in "txt" file format.
  • After mail-in ballots are mailed, we update the files once every business day (only during an active election cycle)

Voter Turnout Reports - Instructions for importing txt files into a Spreadsheet

Voter Turnout Reports

2021 Coordinated Election Redacted Ballot Images

Ballot Audit and Review website

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Historical Election Results

View our Election Results by Election Types

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  • General election
  • Primary elections
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  • Voter turnout reports

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Results for Past Mesa County Elections

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