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Illegal Dumping - Broken Computer

Mesa County Code Compliance works to ensure all properties within unincorporated Mesa County comply with the Mesa County Land Development Code and Public Health Codes.

Through a two-pronged approach of 1) working with the property owner to achieve voluntary compliance and 2) by pursuing legal action for uncorrected violations, Code Compliance works to improve the health, safety and aesthetic appearance of Mesa County.

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    Types of violations that will be investigated include:

    • Construction in setbacks
    • Home occupations without required permits
    • Illegal outdoor storage (junk)
    • Animals
    • Illegal burning
    • Land use without required permits
    • Signs without required permits
    • Inoperable/ unlicensed vehicles on property
    • Multiple dwellings
    • Nuisance complaints

    Types of violations that will not be investigated include:

    • Weeds- Mesa County does not have a weed ordinance
    • Inoperable/ unlicensed vehicles in a right-of-way- Please contact the Sheriff's Office in unincorporated areas of Mesa County or the appropriate jurisdiction's police department if in town or city limits.