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Coroner's Office

Our office is charged with investigating certain categories of deaths, not all deaths in the county fall under our jurisdiction.

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Mesa County Coroner

Welcome to the Mesa County Coroner's Office

Photograph of Dean Havlik Coroner
Dean Havlik County Coroner

The Mesa County Coroner’s Office is charged with investigating certain categories of deaths that could potentially be from violence among many others, including:

  • Due to drugs or toxins
  • Deaths that are sudden and unexpected
  • Hospital deaths where the individual died less than 24 hours after admission to the hospital
  • In-custody deaths

Not all deaths in the county fall under the jurisdiction of the Mesa County Coroner’s Office. For example, an older person who has a significant natural disease process and dies after an extended stay in a hospital would not be considered a case the Coroner’s Office would investigate.

The Coroner’s Office acts independently from law enforcement and is it’s “own office” when they do their investigations. The office gains knowledge of each death through methods including:

  • Scene investigation
  • Interviews with family and witnesses
  • Medical record review
  • Autopsy examination

Coroner's Office

Coroner's Office Location

2351 G Road
Grand Junction, CO 81505
Sunday - Saturday: 12:00 am-12:00 pm

Available 24 hours

Mailing Address

P.O. Box. 4235
Grand Junction, CO 81502