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Japanese Beetles have been discovered breeding in Appleton area.

Read the entire story on Mesa County News website.

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Phone numbers

Make an appointment before arriving at the Coroner's Office. 

Email address

Physical address

  • 2351 G Road
  • Grand Junction, CO 81505

Hours of operation

Please call 970-244-1898 to make an appointment because staff members are not always available for walk-ins.

  • Sunday - Saturday
  • 24 Hours a Day
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    Need an autopsy report?

    • We request you contact our office in writing.
    • Please include the:
      • Name of the decedent,
      • The date of death, if known, and
      • Phone number so we may contact you with the information.
    • Have an email address?
      • Provide your email address and the finalized report will be sent to you electronically.
    • There is no cost to the family for the first report.
    • Any other copies or requests require a $30.00 fee which must be paid in advance.
    • Time to prepare autopsy reports:
      • Four to twelve weeks.
      • Depending upon the nature of the case.
      • Any additional testing that may be performed.