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Adult Protection (APS) serves as a program that helps connect the at-risk adult with services and resources. An at-risk adult is defined as an individual 18 years of age or older who is susceptible to mistreatment or self-neglect because the individual is unable to perform or obtain services necessary for the individual’s health, safety and welfare.


Mesa County APS strives to reach and support the highest quality of life available to meet at-risk adults individual needs through service delivery and advocacy to reduce the risk of mistreatment.


Demonstrate compassion through advocacy and service implementation for at-risk adults to promote independence, self determination and dignity.

Types of abuse

  • Physical
  • Sexual
  • Caregiver Neglect
  • Self Neglect
  • Exploitation
  • Harmful Acts

If you are concerned about a friend, neighbor or loved one in any of the above areas mentioned you are encouraged to call the Department of Human Services intake line at 970-248-2888.

Please note that referral sources are always kept confidential and can be kept anonymous.

Mandatory reporting

Mandatory reporting of mistreatment of an at-risk elder (a person over the age of 70) or an adult with an intellectual / developmental disability is required of certain professionals. C.R.S. 26-3.1-10



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Additional Resources


Mesa County will pursue guardianship of at-risk adults only when there is no alternative, i.e. family, community agency, or other natural support.  Mesa County will follow APS rule and statute as well as the internal policy when determining if a county held guardianship is appropriate.


Colorado Code of Regulations 12 CCR 2518-1

Colorado Courts forms and self help

Court Intervention Rule 30.630

Guardianship Alliance of Colorado

Guardianship Policy for Mesa County

Colorado Legal Services - Low cost/pro bono legal assistance for guardianship

Pro Bono Project of Mesa County