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Report a disease

Review the list of diseases that are required to be reported in the State of Colorado.

Call Mesa County Public Health Disease Surveillance at 970-254-4120 and talk to our on call Epidemiologist.

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) should be reported to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment by fax.

Confidential Reporting Forms

Fax a STI disease report form to 303-782-5393.

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Make a patient referral

Public Health programs are here to support your patient with wrap-around care.


Outbreaks are instances in which more than one person is ill with the same disease. Providers should report known or suspected outbreaks in settings such as health care facilities, child care centers, schools and workplaces immediately. 

Call 970-254-4120 to report an outbreak to Mesa County Public Health.

Animal bites 

Animal bites are a reportable condition. Mesa County Public Health partners with Mesa County Animals Services to follow-up on all animal bites.

Physicians need to report all animal bites to Mesa County Animal Services (MCAS) using our Mesa County Animal Bite Report form

Mesa County Public Health is always available to consult with providers to determine if Rabies PEP is recommended. For Rabies PEP consultation call 970-254-4120

Access rabies resources 

Resources for Medical Providers

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