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What can be expected?

When streets are swept all vehicles should be removed so that the entire street can be swept. Residents are notified with door hangers when sweeping is planned. Each door hanger states the date and approximate time we plan to sweep. It should be noted that Mesa County does not have a leaf pick up program. Leaves raked into streets will not be picked up. Residents living outside Grand Junction City limits should plan to dispose of their leaves by other means.

What is it?

All arterial roads and collector streets having curb and gutter are swept as needed with a street sweeper that collects and removes debris. Other streets, such as residential streets are swept twice annually.

Photograph of Street sweeper machine cleaning the streets

When do we do it?

Street sweeping is done year-round.

Why is is done?

Street sweeping is done to reduce dust generated by traffic, typically after a road has been treated with sand for snow and ice control. Street sweeping also improves safety by maintaining good skid resistance. Sweeping also helps keep storm drains clean, streets look better, and it removes objects that may cause tire damage.