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Legislative changes enacted by the Colorado Legislature will delay the certification of the County tax rolls. The new deadline for the later tax roll certification is January 24, 2024.  

The reason for the delay in the deadline calendar by the legislature is to give taxing authorities sufficient time to certify their mill levies and to give county assessors more time to gather data.

Please be aware that these changes do not alter the first-half payment due date for property taxes on February 29, 2024. The Colorado Legislature chose not to extend the payment deadline to ensure that special districts like fire districts, school districts, health districts, hospitals, and other public entities have the revenue to continue to operate.

Once the tax roll process is complete property owners will receive their statements.

On approximately February 1, 2024, you will be able to access your tax information from the link below.

Mailed tax notices are expected to be delivered about two weeks later (February 15, 2024).

You can view your property tax statements, receipts and pay your bill.

Property taxes can be paid in two half payments or all at once.  View the due dates.

If your taxes go delinquent find out about the penalties and process.

Photograph of desk with round block tiles spelling out Property Tax with a house shape under it