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Many of you have asked questions regarding your 2023 Property Tax Notices and the exemption of $55,000 for residential properties and $30,000 for commercial properties as enacted by the legislature. We understand the importance of clarity and wish to provide comprehensive details to address your concerns.

In your property tax notice for tax year 2023, due in 2024, you might have noticed an adjustment in the Actual Value of your property. This adjustment reflects the legislature's decision to grant a significant exemption to help taxpayers.

For residential properties, the exemption has been applied directly to the Actual Value of your home, which means that the value on your tax bill has been reduced by $55,000, or $30,000 for commercial parcels to calculate your taxes owed. 

Example for Clarity

  • Original Notice of Value (May 2023): $428,780
  • Adjusted Value After $55,000 Exemption (Post SB23B-001): $373,780
  • You will find the adjusted figure on your tax bill as the basis for calculating your taxes due.

We have taken steps to ensure this exemption is automatically applied to your 2023 tax bill. The figure on your bill already accounts for the $55,000 exemption.

It's important to note that this exemption was a result of a special legislative session called by Governor Polis in November under Senate Bill 23B-001. The exemption applies to both residential ($55,000) and commercial properties ($30,000) but only for the tax year 2023.

This exemption will not apply to the tax year 2024 unless the legislature takes further action. 

The Mesa County Assessor's Office is here to assist you in understanding your tax notice and ensuring you are informed about how your taxes are calculated.

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