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Mesa County successfully treated over 1,200 properties with Acelepryn, a safe pesticide, spanning an area as vast as 209 football fields. Our Japanese Beetle eradication efforts are steadfast, bolstered by partnerships with nurseries, agricultural experts, and government bodies.

With annual strategic treatments, we're on track to reduce the beetle population from 25 to 30% yearly, aiming for total eradication in three to five years.

We're proud to report the deployment of 552 traps through the Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA) and CSU Extension Citizen Science Program, leading to the capture of 5,417 beetles. To stay informed, visit for real-time trapping data.

You can still join the fight outside the hot zone area. To do your part, apply grub control to your lawns in spring and treat new sod to hinder beetle spread. 

Thank you for your continued support. Our unity is our strength.

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Japanese beetle sits on damaged leaf.