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We are working to eradicate this pest

Homeowners Resources

Infestation Area

Japanese Beetle Trapping Heat Map
  • The borders of the general infestation are 24 Road and Horizon Drive between G Road and H Road.  
  • Properties outlined in red are subject to eradication efforts.  
  • Homeowners in this area will be contacted to give their consent for Mesa County to complete free Japanese Beetle grub control treatments on their lawn.  
  • Homeowners in this area who already receive grub control treatments from a commercial lawn care company will have the cost of grub control treatments covered by Mesa County.

Eradication Plan

Mesa County Commissioners have declared Japanese Beetle as a public nuisance pest requiring control or eradication.  

  • Noxious Weed and Pest Management is working with industry and government entities to implement eradication efforts and support property owners.
  • County has approved funding to cover the cost of grub control treatments in the area where a Japanese Beetle infestation has been identified.

Grub Control Treatment

  • Public parks in the City and County will receive grub treatments.
  • Property owners in the infestation area will be sent an informational letter and consent form to allow grub control treatment on their property.
  • County will approve a contract for turf management companies to complete treatments in the infected area.
  • Turf management companies will include grub control in turf management plans for current customers in the infested area.  The cost of these treatments will be reimbursed by Mesa County.
  • The first round of Mesa County funded grub treatments will occur during the months of April-June.
  • Mesa County funded treatments will be completed by a licensed and registered commercial applicator.
  • Follow up grub treatments may occur in August and September.

Information and Resources

  • Property owners outside of the infestation area can prevent Japanese Beetle establishment in their area by completing grub control treatments with homeowner formulations or contacting a local turf management company.
  • Educational support is being provided by Colorado State University Extension Services.

Trapping and Monitoring

  • Trapping and monitoring is being provided by the Colorado Department of Agriculture.
  • Homeowners can consent to have a monitoring trap placed on their property by completing the Consent Form.  
  • Trapping completed in 2023 will inform ongoing eradication plans.
  • We can begin to determine effectiveness of treatments based on 2023 and 2024 trapping numbers.
  • Japanese Beetle traps allow us to track beetle populations as they change over time.
  • A robust network of traps allows us to make informed decisions about future eradication efforts.
  • You can help us manage the spread of Japanese Beetle by allowing a trap to be placed on your property.  
  • Please use the consent form to sign up for the trapping program.
  • Note: Traps will be placed where they are needed to collect monitoring data, so every property may not receive a trap.

Trap Consent Form

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The Japanese Beetle is an invasive insect that causes over $460,000,000 worth of damages per year in eastern states.  
  • It feeds on over 300 species of desirable plants including grapes, peaches, roses, apples, sweet corn, trees, and turf grass.  
  • This pest is well established east of the Rocky Mountains which are a natural barrier to their spread.  
  • It is not established in the western states, and its movement is regulated by state and federal quarantines which prohibit the movement of infested plant materials to unaffected areas.  
  • When populations are discovered in western states they must be eradicated to prevent further establishment.   

Images and detailed information about Japanese Beetle biology can be found on the “identification” page.

  • Mesa County has secured initial funding to complete grub control treatments on all irrigated turf in the infested area.
  • We will be seeking property owner consent to treat their lawns and eradicate Japanese Beetles in the grub stage.
  • We are working with CSU Extension and the Colorado Department of Agriculture to promote awareness and expand opportunities for eradication efforts.
  • This will be a multi-year effort.  
  • Mesa County will work with our partners to expand management options for homeowners.

In short, everyone in Mesa County!  

  • The Japanese Beetle feeds on a wide variety of plants that improve our lives.  The spread of this beetle will affect everybody, whether you're growing 100 acres of peaches or have a small lawn and a rosebush.
  • Japanese Beetles will damage or kill irrigated turf in lawns, parks, and golf courses as a grub.  
  • Property owners will see damage to turf from April-October.
  • The adult beetles emerge and feed on many desirable ornamental and agricultural plants throughout the summer months.  
  • Adult beetles will destroy vegetable gardens, ornamental plants, and trees.  
  • Fruit growers will experience crop losses and increased production costs due to Japanese Beetle damage.
  • We want to eradicate the Japanese Beetle to protect our economy and the quality of life for our residents.  
  • If this beetle spreads to our fruit growers it will decimate the agricultural production of Mesa County.
  • This industry is one of the primary drivers of our economy.  
  • Such a large impact to fruit and wine production will have secondary effects on our tourism, plant exports, and retail industries.  
  • Japanese Beetles will impact residents by destroying lawns, gardens, and trees on landscaped properties.
  • Additionally, they swarm and feed in groups on desirable plants.  In this regard they can be a very unpleasant pest to have on your property.

Consent to Treatment Form

If you meet one of these requirements please complete the consent to treatment form.

  • You live inside the area between G Road and H Road from 24 Road to Horizon Drive. 
  • You received a letter from Mesa County Noxious Weed and Pest Management.

Consent to Treatment Form

  • You can be proactive and complete grub control treatments on your lawn.  
  • Information about homeowner applied treatments is available in the “Homeowner Resources” section of this page.
  • You can also request preventative grub control treatments from a lawn care company.

If you are experiencing damage to turf and ornamental plants this season and find adult Japanese Beetles, please contact CSU extension services to confirm the identification.

  • Acelepryn is a reduced risk pesticide that provides long lasting grub control when applied from April-June.
  • When it is applied correctly, it is considered safe to use around humans, pets, birds, bees, and other pollinators.