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Complaint submitted

Once you submit a complaint, a case file is opened.

Please note:

  • Anonymous complaints are not accepted as complainants could be called as a witness.
  • All information provided is subject to open records requests.
  • If you feel your concern is a life safety issue, please immediately call the Mesa County Sheriff's Office.



A Code Compliance Officer will be assigned to the case and begin an investigation within ten (10) business days to determine whether or not a violation exists.


Violation confirmed

If a code violation is confirmed, a Notice to Comply may be issued to the property owner and/or occupant, requesting that the violation be corrected.


Violation corrected

If a code violation is corrected the case will be closed and a notice will be given to the complainant and the property owner/ resident.


Violation not corrected

If a code violation remains after attempts to gain voluntary compliance, cases are given a priority rating to determine follow-up enforcement.


Legal action

If the violation continues to remain uncorrected, the case may be taken to the County Attorney's Office to litigate or prosecute.