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Submitting a request for Criminal Justice or Treatment Records

Requests for client records must have a Release of Information form signed by the client. Requests for client records must be submitted by email to the specific program that pertains to the client.

Fill in the associated form and email to associated address:

Submitting a Colorado Open Records Act request

Criminal Justice Services releases records in accordance with the Colorado Open Records Act. Open Records requests can be submitted to the Mesa County Attorney's Office.

Timeline and Costs


Generally release of information requests will take three to five working days to process requests starting the first working day after the request is sent; or up to ten days if extenuating circumstances apply. 


Documents cost $0.25/page (standard size) plus $30/hour after the first hour. For large requests, prepayment may be required. An estimate will be given to you if the amount will be over $30.00.

If the requested information is available in electronic format, there will be no fees.