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Welcome to the Fightin’ 21st Judicial District Attorney's Office!
Our goals are to obtain a speedy and just resolution of criminal cases, while ensuring that victim’s constitutional rights are being enforced. We promote safety to the community through aggressive prosecution of violent and repeat offenders. 

District Attorney Logo - State of Colorado, 21st Judicial District, Nil Sine Numine

Our core values

Ethics: We hold ourselves to the highest standard of integrity, and personal and professional conduct.

Pursuit of Justice: We will have compassion and empathy for the victims of crime and their families. We will protect our community and promote lawful behavior, by making informed decisions in prosecuting offenders.

Photograph of a statue of lady justice holding scales and blind folded with a sword in her hand

Community Partnership: We are committed to understanding and improving our community and acknowledge that, as employees of the District Attorney, we are also members of the community and we embrace this motto, “THE NOBLEST MOTIVE IS THE PUBLIC GOOD.”

Teamwork: We acknowledge we are a part of a public safety team, and advocate for, and support the building of, strong partnerships for the purpose of achieving the highest level of public safety for those we serve.

What does the District Attorney's Office do?

Description of duties

  • Prosecuting criminal cases
  • Prosecuting civil forfeiture cases
  • Providing victim services
  • Advising law enforcement in preparation of affidavits
  • Administering victim's compensation programs
  • Prosecuting and diverting juvenile cases
  • Administering the domestic violence program
  • Representing the State of Colorado at inquests
  • Appearing before and advising the Grand Jury


  • To obtain a speedy and just resolution of criminal cases
  • To ensure that victim's constitutional rights are being enforced
  • To promote the safety of the community through aggressive prosecution of violent and repeat offenders


Check out this short video on District Attorney responsibilities.


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