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Annual Budget

The annual budget is Mesa County’s financial plan for the fiscal year beginning January 1 and ending December 31. The budget summarizes the estimated revenues, expenditures, and staffing levels for all County departments and functions. Each year, the County Administrator proposes a recommended budget for the next fiscal year by October 15, and the Board of County Commissioners formally adopts and appropriates a budget by resolution no later than December 15. The annual budget may be adjusted throughout the year as necessary, subject to formal approval via resolution by the Board.

Current and historical budget reports

OpenGov is an online budgeting and planning application for creating, tracking, and reporting budget data. Mesa County began using OpenGov in 2022 in order to streamline the budget process and improve the accuracy and transparency of the County budget. The online budget book, created using OpenGov, provides a complete, interactive look at Mesa County's annual budget that allows users to quickly and easily access budget data and learn more about how taxpayer dollars are used to serve Mesa County.