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Understanding Sales Tax in our County

The Colorado Department of Revenue administers Mesa County sales tax. In order to submit sales taxes to Mesa County, a business must obtain a sales tax license from the State of Colorado and file sales tax returns directly to the State of Colorado through the Revenue Online website.

When a business sells retail tangible personal property within the County or has a point of delivery within Mesa County, it is required to collect State, County, and Public Safety Improvement sales tax (total of 5.27%). City, town, or special district sales taxes may apply as well and the business should determine the method of collection for each applicable jurisdiction.

Mesa County recognizes tax-exempt status for any organization with an approved Certificate of Exemption for Colorado State Sales/Use Tax (form DR 0160).

Sales Tax Rates and Helpful Links

Mesa County 2.0%

Public Safety Improvement .37%

State of Colorado 2.9%

Colorado Sales Tax Guide

Sales and Use Tax Rates Lookup

As of January 1, 2020 retail sales tax within the City of Grand Junction is 8.52 cents per one dollar and is a major revenue source for the local governments. Two (2) cents per $1.00 retail sales is actually collected as a County tax with 1.45 cents going to Mesa County and the other .55 cents designated to other city municipalities within the county. The new Public Safety Tax is 0.37% and will be collected along with the State (2.9%) and County (2.0%) sales tax as a separate tax. The Public Safety Tax is distributed to Mesa County, municipalities and other public safety districts.

For more information, visit our Mesa County News Blog - Public Safety Sales Tax to start Jan. 1, 2018