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Global Navigation Satellite System Data.




FTP downloads requires an FTP Client such as WinSCP.

Index of GPS Files


Files can be used for Mapping grade GPS (Differential and Carrier Phase solutions) at roughly up to a 300 mile radius from the base location. The reference coordinate in the data files is the static survey coordinate and is fixed, but it is suggested that it be checked against the published data before processing any data. Files can also be used for Post-processed high precision Survey grade GPS (Kinematic, Fast Static, & Static) - just treat this station just like another receiver set on a high precision point and "bingo" you have an additional baseline. See your receiver manual and/or specifications for details on accuracies.

Hint: If your survey spans more than one hour for high precision Survey grade GPS, you can combine the hourly Rinex files into one using the DOS binary copy command to combine files in chronological order, for example:

COPY /B mc01165a.08o+mc01165b.08o mc01165all.08o

This example concatenates the Rinex observation files mc01165a.08o and mc01165b.08o into a resultant file being mc01165all.08o. The /B indicates the files are binary format.

All global DOS commands such as the asterisk (*) can be used to make the process more efficient, for example:

1). Download files to a local empty directory and copy path in "address" window.

2). Open a DOS command window and set/paste path to the directory where files were downloaded (keep this window open through the whole process otherwise you will have to reset path and re-type the command every time).

3). Use the DOS copy command; copy /b *.* MC01165.08o (this will create a concatenated file named "MC01165.08o" from the hourly files that reside in the set path)

4). Move concatenated file to another empty directory and delete hourly files from directory in step #1.

5). Repeat step #1 for the *.08n files.

6). Press "F3" to bring back the DOS command; copy /b *.* MC01165.08o.

7). Change "MC01165.08o" in command line to "MC01165.08n" and execute.

8). Repeat step #4.

9). Download files from another CORS in to a local empty directory and repeat steps 6-8.

The file directories are arranged in directories by the year (yyyy) / GPS day (ddd) / Site (ssss)

The file naming convention is as follows: ssssdddh[mm].yyo or ssssdddh[mm].yyn (you will need both the observation and navigation files).


ssss - site name.

ddd - GPS day of year