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Real-Time Virtual Reference Network (RTVRN)

The following can be found on this page:

  1. About the RTVRN
  2. How do I use the RTVRN
  3. What is a Mountpoint?
  4. Advisory History
  5. Documents Download
  6. Link to RTVRN web service

About the RTVRN

The Mesa County RTVRN is a service that provides real-time corrections to GPS/GNSS devices in surveying, construction, agriculture, mapping, and science industries. The Mesa County Real-Time Virtual Reference Network has 33 Base stations, 17 of which are NGS CORS Stations.  The current reference frame for this network is NAD83. The RTVRN is a free service to the public. To sign up for an account, please go to and sign up for a subscription.

How to use the RTVRN

Once you have an active subscription, setting up your GPS Device’s VRS connection is straightforward. Direct your device to and port 2101 using the same username and password you used when signing up. RTVRN Login Instructions provides more information on how to use the RTVRN.

What is a mountpoint

The mountpoint defines what satellite constellations are supported, the format of the correction messages, and the reference frame related to a real-time data stream. When connecting to the Mesa County RTVRN, a mountpoint list is generated from which a user selects the desired mountpoint. If a mountpoint is hard coded in a rover setup, the mountpoint list will not be displayed.

Mesa County provides the following mountpoints:


The “Mesa County RTVRN Mountpoints” pdf further explains these mountpoints' capabilities. 


Advisory History

The Advisory History is our record-keeping log of when the RTVRN may have been down or when updates were made to the system. Please refer to this for any outages. We will update this as soon as possible to inform you of any issues the RTVRN may be experiencing.

Advisory History

Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

Mesa County, Colorado, shall in no event be liable for any lost profits, and special, indirect or consequential damages to any party, arising out of or in connection with the use or the inability to use the data hereon or the services provided. Mesa County provides this data and it's services as a convenience to it's customers. Furthermore, Mesa County reserves the right to change, revise, or otherwise discontinue published data and/or these services at any time without further notice.

RTVRN Sensor map

Click on the button below to view the RTVRN status and station information in a new window.