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Static GPS files


Due to security concerns and to prevent the FTP Client from being required to download the static files, Mesa County will no longer allow the FTP download of Rinex Files. 

But the good news is they are still available via the user-friendly Reference Data Shop the Mesa County's RTVRN webpage.

Reference Data Shop will efficiently merge observation files from different periods for a defined station and generate one or two output files. This will save Mesa County’s RTVRN users time from the slow data manipulation and file management tasks.

It will also convert files into other formats for various applications or equipment.  The formats are:

RINEX 2.11
RINEX 2.10
RINEX 3.02
RINEX 3.04

Reference Data Shop will also create a Virtual Reference Station for post-processing. This solution is similar to the VRS solution done on your rover while using the RTVRN, except that by using the reference data shop, you pick your VRS location. This allows for the parts per million error (PPM) to be eliminated due to shorter baselines. Also, the corrections are based on the entire network, not just one reference station. 

If you have any questions, please check out our how-to guides on reference data shop:

Download Single Base Static File Instructions

Coming soon: How to "Download VRS Static File Instructions"