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What we do

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We inspect public and semi-public pools and spas in Mesa County on an annual basis to provide a clean, healthy, and safe environment for the public.

A public swimming pool is any body of water that is intended to be used by the general public for swimming, bathing, or other recreational purposes regardless of whether a fee is charged for use. This can include public pools and spas, public fountains, splash pads, natural swimming areas, and public baths.


Semi-public pools are pools that are associated with hotels, motels, country clubs, health clubs, and mobile home parks. It is important to note that condominiums and apartment complexes are not included in this definition and are not inspected.



Private aquatic facilities

Aquatic facilities such as swimming pools, water parks, hot tubs, lakes, rivers, and the ocean can carry bacteria and make you sick.

Tips for home owners with pools or hot tubs

We do not inspect private pools, but we’re happy to help provide guidance.

  • Disinfection, with chlorine or bromine, and pH are the first defense against germs that cause recreational water illnesses.
  • At the recommended levels, chlorine or bromine can kill most germs in the water within minutes.
  • As a backyard pool owner, you should check the disinfectant level and pH at least twice per day to make sure they are correct. The levels are:
    • 1–10 parts per million (ppm) free chlorine or 3–8 ppm bromine
    • pH 7.2–7.8
  • Inaccurate pH and disinfectant levels can lead to bacteria growth and damage pool pipes and other equipment.
  • Find more information on how to ensure your backyard pool/spa is safe.

Do you have a Recreational Water Illness? Seek medical care if symptoms become unmanageable.




Posters available for aquatic facilities

Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs

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