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Our Research and Planning Team are experts in community engagement, data collection, and finding meaningful insights. The information is used across the community by partners to inform decision-making.

Birth Trends in Mesa County

Explore population trends in Mesa County, as well as the contributing factors behind the numbers. 

Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP)

A Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) is part of the Community
Health Assessment and Improvement cycle. Outlined in this document are
Mesa County’s priority areas, goals, and objectives.

COVID-19 Impact Report

Our Research and Planning Team assessed how COVID-19 impacted our lives, including education and economic impact.

Substance use in Mesa County

 Youth tobacco use and attitudes

The most recent data for Mesa County youth.

Tobacco in Mesa County 

This report highlights tobacco use in our community, vaping products, tobacco policy, community efforts, and recommendations.

Suicide in Mesa County

Mesa County Public Health’s special reports exploring deaths by suicide, suicide attempts and suicide risk assessment in Mesa County.

Special Topic Reports

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