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Screenshot from the Jail Population System.  Shows current and historical data for jail population.

Current population

The total number of all inmates incarcerated at the Mesa County Detention Facility.

  • Currently, the Mesa County Detention Facility has 553 beds with additional temporary bed space in our booking area
  • It was originally designed with the capacity to house 392 inmates
  • We’ve remodeled and made adjustments to accommodate our expanding jail population.
  • While these adjustments have increased our total number of beds, the facility's footprint has not changed

Target population

  • Our target population is less than 442 inmates or less than 80% of the total number of inmates we can house
  • When at or under our target population, we can more effectively house the diverse classifications of inmates
  • For example
    • Females cannot be housed together with males, and
    • Often, co-defendants in a case cannot be housed together
  • For the safety and security of our inmates, it is our responsibility to house known violent inmates away from those not known to be violent
  • When our population rises above 80% of available bed space, it is difficult to house our different inmate populations appropriately

Detailed jail population information

Access our Jail Population System for detailed information.

Jail Population System