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The VALE Board meets at least once per quarter. The public is welcome to observe the meetings of the VALE Board. All VALE Board meetings, with the exception of executive sessions, will be open to the public. Members of the public attending VALE Board meetings will be recorded in the meeting minutes.

VALE Board meetings are not open for public comment or discussion. Persons may contact the VALE Administrator, Jennifer Ballagh, by email at to have an item placed on the VALE Board's agenda for review. Requests received less than seven working days before a scheduled meeting will be deferred until the next scheduled meeting.

Persons in attendance at a VALE Board meeting demonstrating disruptive behavior or behavior that impedes the VALE Board's ability to function will be asked to leave the meeting.

Public notices and agendas of meetings

View the public notice of meetings and agendas for the VALE Board by clicking the buttons below.  

Notices of VALE Board meetings are posted at least 24 hours prior to the meeting on this website and on the window of the lobby of the District Attorney's Office at 125 N. Spruce St., Grand Junction, CO 81502. 

Meeting minutes

Requests for copies of VALE Board meeting minutes must be made in accordance with the Mesa County Policy for Requests for "Public Records" pursuant to the Colorado Open Records Act (CORA).  A written request may be submitted on the Mesa County Administration Open Records Request page.  

Make an Open Records Request