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The 21st Judicial District VALE Program provides grant funding to agencies that provide services to crime victims within Mesa County. Grants are made using money collected from court fees and fines that people convicted of certain crimes are ordered to pay as part of their sentence and from marijuana tax funds.

Agencies apply for funding through a competitive grant process. Grant awards and decisions regarding the use of the district's VALE funds are made by a five-member Board of Mesa County residents.

Creation and statutory authority of VALE Boards

Services funded 

VALE grants support a variety of services including:

  • early crisis intervention;
  • referrals of victims to appropriate community resources;
  • translators;
  • counseling;
  • special advocates; and
  • implementation of the Victim Rights Act.

VALE revenue sources

Funding for the VALE Program comes from offenders who are convicted of or receive a deferred sentence for, crimes and/or traffic offenses and from marijuana tax dollars. Fines for criminal offenses are as follows: 

Felony              $163
Misdemeanor                $78
Traffic Offense Class 1 Misdemeanor                $46
Traffic Offense Class 2 Misdemeanor                $33
Traffic Infraction Class A or Class B varies (see below)

The procedure for establishing the amount assessed for class A or B traffic infractions is outlined in section 24-4.1-119(f)(1) C.R.S. The amount assessed may be:

  • one-half (1/2) of the penalty or surcharge outlined in section 42-4-1701(4) C.R.S.; or
  • if no amount is specified, 37% of the penalty imposed.

Colorado House Bill 21-1315 established that $274,000 from the marijuana tax cash fund be divided amongst each of the 22 judicial districts in the state in proportion to each district's percentage of total statewide surcharges collected. Revenues received from this source are less than $11,000 annually. 

VALE program administration

  • The VALE Board is provided administrative assistance by staff of the District Attorney's Office and the Office of the Court Executive.
  • The District Attorney's Office allocates resources to assist the VALE Board by designating personnel to serve as Program Administrator and Legal Advisor.
  • The Office of the Court Executive allocates resources for the collection, distribution, and management of VALE funds.