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The Victim and Witnesses Assistance and Law Enforcement (VALE) Board is made up of five community members from the 21st Judicial District (Mesa County). Members of the 21st Judicial District VALE Board are appointed by Chief Judge, Brian J. Flynn. VALE Board members are unpaid volunteers. VALE Board members may be reimbursed for actual, reasonable, and necessary expenses directly related to the activities of the VALE Board.

VALE Board terms are for three (3) years. VALE Board members may serve a maximum of two terms.

The VALE Board meets once per quarter to review general programmatic, financial, and grant-related matters. The VALE Board meets once annually to conduct grant applicant presentations and make grant award decisions. The VALE Board also meets once annually to conduct an in-depth review of administrative, programmatic, and financial matters.

Board member appointments, to the extent possible, shall reflect the diversity of the 21st Judicial District with regard to geographic, ethnic, and victim representation.

VALE Board Member eligibility requirements

  • Board members must reside in the 21st Judicial District (Mesa County).
  • Board members may not be employed by the District Attorney or the Judicial Department within the 21st Judicial District (Mesa County).
  • Board members may not be an attorney actively practicing law in the criminal court of the 21st Judicial District (Mesa County).
  • Board members must disclose if they represent of belong to an organization, public or private, which might reasonably be anticipated to be a recipient of monies from the VALE Program. (This does not disqualify someone from being appointed).

VALE Board duties

The VALE Board is charged with the following duties:

  • Foster victim services and enhance the responsiveness of law enforcement to victims of crime.
  • Conduct an open, fair, impartial, and equitable process of receiving, reviewing, and evaluating grant applications.
  • Allocate monies from the VALE Fund for the provision of victim services that the VALE Board deems appropriate and in consideration of the statutory provisions of sections 24-4.2-103(3) and 24-4.2-105 C.R.S.
  • Develop and maintain written financial and program policies and procedures, and reporting mechanisms.
  • Develop annually written agreements with the District Attorney specifying the level of administrative and legal assistance that is mutually acceptable to the VALE Board and District Attorney.
  • Develop with the District Attorney, a written expenditure agreement and budget regarding the disbursement of administrative funds.
  • Develop an annual written agreement with the Crime Victim Compensation Board regarding the receipt of unclaimed restitution by December 1st of each year.
  • Conduct an annual financial and programmatic review of the VALE Program.

Current VALE Board members

Rosa Gardner Term Expires: 02/28/2025
Kari Weirath Term Expires: 02/28/2026
Sean Kuttner Term Expires: 02/28/2027
Marc Kendrick Term Expires: 02/28/2027
Theodore Downey III Term Expires: 02/28/2027