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The abatement process enables taxpayers to contest the property taxes billed by a county, and its use is required to change tax amounts after the tax warrant is delivered to the Treasurer. The term “abatement” is frequently used to refer to either a reduction or elimination of tax and may or may not include a refund. A property owner or the owner’s agent may file an abatement petition with the County to officially request an abatement. It should be noted that filing a petition for abatement does not change or extend the due date of taxes owed, as shown on your tax bill.

Abatement petitions may be filed within two years of the date the taxes were assessed and due, provided that:

  • the property valuation has not been previously protested; and
  • the person or entity filing for abatement was the owner of record for the year(s) being abated.

The filing of the Petition For Abatement or Refund of Taxes, available below, is the first step in a process of appeal that is lengthy and may take up to six months before a decision is rendered on the appeal. Filing an abatement does not change or extend the due dates on your tax bill.

Writeable One Year Petition Accessible.pdf

WriteableTwo Year Petition (Prints Letter Size) Accessible.pdf