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Which situation requires a verification of Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)?

DR 2698 form

  • If the vehicle is titled in another state or country
  • If your vehicle has a registration from another state 
  • Any vehicle transferred on Purged Bill of Sale
  • Anytime the vehicle description needs to be corrected
  • Military Registration
  • Incomplete vehicles (cab/chassis with added bodies, motorhomes)
  • Manufactured home simple search
Photograph of a VIN tag from a vehicle

    Who can perform and complete the verification of VIN?

    • County Clerk (at their discretion) - $25 fee
    • Licensed Colorado Automotive Dealer
      • There may a fee associated
      • Dealers are only required to conduct a Verification of VIN when they take in an out of state vehicle on trade
    • Manufactured Home Dealer (manufactured homes only)
    • Licensed Colorado Emission Station
    • County Assessor (at their discretion; manufactured homes only)
    • Colorado Law Enforcement Officers: 

    Which situations require a Colorado Certified VIN inspection?

    DR 2704 form

    • Bonded title vehicles
    • Rebuilt vehicles
    • Reconstructed vehicles
    • Kit vehicles
    • Homemade vehicles

    Who can perform and complete a Certified VIN inspection?

    • Any Peace Officers Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.) Certified VIN Inspector (typically Colorado State Patrol)
    • This certification is granted to individual law enforcement officers only and not to a Law Enforcement Agency as a whole

    Additional information for Vin inspections

    • If your registration and title are from different states, we will need verification that the vehicle was not titled in the state where the registration was issued
    • Each law enforcement agency may assess a fee for performing the Verification of VIN
    • If you need a Certified VIN Inspection, please visit the Get a VIN Inspection website from the Colorado State Patrol.
    • Certified VIN Inspections are $50