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The Planning Department provides the citizens of Mesa County an array of planning and development services. We work with the community to plan for the future growth of the county. We guide applicants and their representatives through the development process to help create positive results for the community.   Land Use Planners, Transportation Planners, Engineers and other professionals provide these services to the community.  

Contact us if you have any questions or would like to request more information about our services. 

Land use and development

An important role of the Planning Department is to provide land use and development review. Planning staff is responsible for providing professional planning services and  helping applicants and citizens navigate the development process to produce the best possible projects.

We review and process all types of development applications, including administrative applications such as Residential Site Plans (Planning Clearances); subdivisions; and more complex projects such as Conditional Use Permits that require public hearings.  We provide zoning, land use, and general development information and help customers understand and meet their land development goals while ensuring compliance with the development regulations of the Mesa County 2020 Land Development Code. We also coordinate and consult with numerous agencies and service providers that have an interest in the outcome of land use and development. 

Land Development code - 2020 (Amended 10-17-23)_4

Energy planning

The energy planner is responsible for reviewing all energy-related development applications in Mesa County and acts as a liaison between citizens and the energy industry.  The energy planner also serves as the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) local government designee for Mesa County.

The Mesa County Mineral and Energy Resources Master Plan includes a number of tools to help both citizens and industry understand the  permitting process, types of mineral and energy resources, and constraints on the development of resources.

Energy Master Plan - Mineral and Energy Resources

Historic resources

To recognize the historic, architectural and cultural heritage of Mesa County; to increase public appreciation of Mesa County's unique heritage; and to enable owners of historic resources in the county to take advantage of opportunities, benefits and programs that may be available to assist in the recognition and preservation of historic properties.

Historic Resources - Historic Properties in Mesa County - Map

Historic Resources - Register of Historic Landmarks in Mesa County