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Cover Page of the Mesa County 2020 Land Development Code January 14, 2020

This Land Development Code is adopted for the purpose of preserving and improving the public health, safety, and general welfare of the citizens and businesses of Mesa County. More specifically, it is the purpose of this Land Development Code to:

A. Implement the purposes, goals, and policies of the Mesa County Master Plan;

B. Promote timely, predictable, consistent, and efficient land development processes for residents, neighborhoods, businesses, and agricultural and development interests;

C. Provide appropriate opportunities for participation and involvement in the development process by all affected parties;

D. Promote development that is consistent and compatible with that of the municipalities within Mesa County within the joint municipal planning areas; and

E. Be fair to all by giving due consideration to protecting private property rights, the rights of individuals, and the interests of the community as a whole. In instances where an application to develop does not meet all applicable criteria of this LDC, and unique or special circumstances exist which would warrant the approval of the application to develop, and provided the proposed development:

(a) poses no threat to health or safety;

(b) provides for the mitigation of impacts to the maximum extent reasonable; and

(c) is generally consistent and compatible with the allowed uses in the applicable Zoning District, the application to develop may be approved.

Land Development Code - 2020 (Amended 04-23-24)