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It is essential the Mesa County Coroner’s Office have a respectful relationship with other entities in the county, state and even nationally.

  • Local law enforcement agencies depend on the Coroner’s Office to conduct a comprehensive and competent death investigation:
    • Personnel must interact appropriately with the law enforcement agencies and provide results in a timely manner.
  • The District Attorney’s Office is another entity the Mesa County Coroner’s Office often interacts with:
    • Some deaths will result in cases going to court and the results of the Coroner’s Office’s investigation and autopsy may be discussed in the court of law:
      • Forensic pathologist performing the autopsy
      • Often the individual testifying in court and therefore
      • The pathologist should be readily available to testify,
      • Skilled in providing information in court and
      • Be able to interact appropriately with attorney’s, the judge and the jury
  • There are many other agencies and individuals who rely on the Mesa County Coroner for accurate and timely information including the:
    • Public Defender’s Office.
    • Other attorneys’ offices.
    • Mesa County Health Department.
    • State Health Department.
    • Local organizations, such as the Suicide Coalition.
    • Local committees, such as the Child Fatality Review Committee.
    • Most importantly, the family of the decedents they investigate.
  • The Coroner’s Office should also be at the forefront and assisting all these other agencies and individuals:
    • Mass disasters
    • Infectious disease outbreaks, including the current COVID-19 pandemic.
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