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2024 Presentation

Current project status

These projects are scheduled for various time frames over the next few years. Details will be posted as they become available.​​​​

Page Updated 03/11/2024

Photograph of Highway bridge over Colorado River with Bookcliffs in  background

16 Road guardrail replacement

Replace guardrail at N road hill.

18 Road FLAP

Pave 18 Road from Highline Canal to CPW camp grounds.

22 1/2 Rd and greenbelt

Pipe and repair drainage swale on Greenbelt and construct a concrete path on 22 1/2 Rd.

29 Road and I-70 interchange

Visit the 29 Road Interchange project webpage for current information on the project.

32 1/2 Road, phase 1a - south of E Rd to GVIC canal

Construct missing 32 1/2 Rd section through private property at 3249 E Rd. and north of E Rd including canal crossing bridge.

32 1/2 Road, phase 2 - north of canal to UPRR crossing

Improvements needed to bring to urban collector standards and provide multi-modal use.

38 Road bike and pedestrian improvements (Hwy 6 south to OMID)

Widen 38 Rd, add shared use path on west side and install new guardrail. Requires wall along canal and pedestrian bridges.

Coffman Road rehabilitation, Landfill to SH-141

Rehab roadway from Landfill entrance to Hwy 141 for 3 1/4 miles. South .6 miles to be improved to urban standards.  Multi-year project.

Douglas Wash detention basin

Final design of detention basin.

E 1/2 Rd. (Orchard Ave.) phase 1 road improvements

Construction of urban collector section from Warrior Way to Eastbrook St. to provide pedestrian and bicycle improvements and increase traffic safety. Includes replacement of Lewis Wash bridge.

E Road, phase 2b, 31 Rd and E Rd bridge

Replacement of bridge and widening of E Rd at 31 Rd intersection to match improvements on phase 2a.

E Road improvements, phase 3 (Green Acres St to 33 Road)

Urban section per the E Road corridor study, completes E Road improvements and provides for safe multimodal traffic.

Independence Valley subdivision

Wide-crack repair with seal coat of subdivision roads.

Mesa Q-6.8 bridge rehabilitation

Rehabilitate bridge of West Salt Creek.

Kimball Creek & Buzzard Creek intersection repair

Fix settlement and possible slide in intersection.

Little Park Road rehab

Rehab 1.7 mile section of road from bentonite pit to Bangs Canyon trailhead.

MM-O-16.1 bridge replacement

Replace functionally obsolete 10'x10' box culvert, 22 1/2 ' lg., over East Branch Reed Wash.

Melody Estates drainage

Install dry well drainage system in subdivision to address roadway flooding.

N. River Road - rehab phase 2 section

Drainage improvements.

Riverfront trail connector, 33 1/2 Rd to Palisade

Conceptual study of alternate routes for missing section of trail.

Riverfront Trail - Las Colonias to 29 Rd

CPW project in partnership with City and County.  Complete missing section of Riverfront Trail.

Rosevale Road drainage improvement project

Completing drainage design to address flooding concerns on Rosevale Rd. 

Go to the Rosevale Road Drainage Improvement Project webpage for current information on the project.

S. Broadway/SH 340 turn lane

Add right turn lane on SH 340 at S. Broadway.