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Colorado Department of Agriculture

The aim of the Noxious Weed Program is to control noxious weeds, the non-native aggressive invaders that replace native vegetation, reduce agricultural productivity, cause wind and water erosion and pose an increased threat to communities from wildfire. We do this by preventing the introduction of new invasive species; eradicating species with isolated or limited populations and containing and managing those invasive species that are well-established and widespread.

Noxious Weed Species ID

Colorado Weed Management Association (CWMA)

The mission of CWMA is to provide education, regulatory direction, professional improvement, and environmental awareness to preserve and protect our natural resources from the degrading impacts of invasive species (terrestrial and aquatic vegetation) in Colorado and surrounding states.


Pesticide Labels and MSDS Sheets

  • Labels are the law, and contain useful information on active ingredients, manufacturer, areas where the herbicide can be applied or not applied, use rate, timing, mixing requirements, required personal protective equipment, safety, storage requirements, and weeds controlled.
  • Labels should be read at the store before purchasing, before use, during use (have on site), and after use. MSDS sheets are Material Safety Data Sheets, and include information on safe use and storage, as well as first aid.

CDMS Applied Intelligence

Label Database

Weeds of the West Book


Mesa County Landowner Assistance

Provides information to landowners in Mesa County where assistance, and what type of assistance, is available for weed identification and control, as well as other small acreage management questions.

Resources - Mesa County Landowner Assistance


Local Resources

Training and Workshops